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Syed Mohd Arifuddin Jeelani


Syed Mohammed Arifuddin Jeelani is founder of Al-Arif General Hospital and Unani Research Institute in Hyderabad. Served as correspondent of Nooria Arabi oriental PG College and also founded Jamia Arifia Nooria.

Mr. Abdul Raheem Qurmoshi


Mr. Abdul Raheem Qurmoshi is the Vice-chairman in the governing body. He is MA from Osmania and Moulvi Kamil from Jamia Nizamia.

Served as Assistant professor for Nooria Arabia Oriental PG College besides that he was associated with  Qatar Telecom (QTEL) and holds industrial experience and had serve  for 20 years on various posts.

Mr. Ahmed Qurmoshi


Mr. Ahmed Qurmoshi is the Secretary of the Governing Body and is B.Tech from United Kingdom. He is an entrepreneur.

Mr. Mohsin Qurmoshi


Member ExOfficio

Mr. Mohsin Qurmoshi is the Director and Member ExOfficio of the Governing Body and is a MBA from Osmania University and MIS from Australia. 

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